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W E L L   B E I N G   E X P E R T S    -   P O W E R E D    B Y   A I    A V A T A R S

We merge best in class AI technology with industry led well being gurus who identify types of mental fatigue.

Our AI powered avatar experts the match consumer profiles with groundbreaking online shelf products available.

3D Objects


Rubik's Cube


Holding a Note


h o w   i t   w o r k s

Our AI avatars synthetically modelled off registered psychologists

and mental health well being experts.

Built to engage in an online discussion via our survey determining

what you may need to help your well being status 

from our range of groundbreaking and quality curated online only brands.


Connect 24/7 to our therapists and identify what's bothering you.

Our therapists have listened, now they're generating solutions that may help you.

After a in depth analysis and review, our therapist have thoughtfully and carefully selected a product curated just for you.


From the product range, there is one more discussion with our chief specialist therapist determine which product is the perfect fit for you.

Laptop Screen Cafe

Further discussion with a chief therapist
to determine which product is right for your 
current state. 

After a final review, you have been matched to PYM - mood enhancer chews. 

Link to purchasing. 



Subscription based off your profile, alter profile at any time depending on your mood. 

Choose from a range of  AI therapists to talk to in the future. 

Natural Beauty Products

Other products
you may like


Based off your profile, relieve tips, content and deal links to other products that you may find useful and helpful. 


Wanna just chat?

Poor yourself a tea, sit back and have a talk with one of our many therapists. Choose from a diverse range of personas and types and find the person best suited for you. 


Our experts

Our AI well being experts are synthetically modelled from industry foremost specialists across all well being disciplines.


We are the authoritative resource on natural health and living for clever, compassionate, curious people who are seeking an authentic and soulful way of life. Our well being specialists share their combined years knowledge and unrivalled expertise to help guide your and customise your decisions in leading a healthier lifestyle.

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